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Monday, February 11, 2008

Artist of the month =XZanthia .com

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ZXanthia artist ,film,life,music

Meet Artist of the month a legend at 28 and stole my heart along with others cheers.
you make me think way out side the box ,Thank you for your lesson.

Love for good is her passion

Nature is her guide

a true soul searcher always learning

magic eyes and glowing heart.

Increditable editable powerful Women of film Web and mag and love!

A rockstar model 10+positve vibes

A true artist a goddess a Gather of souls

Many many moods and styles

Beyoutiful hair and tatooos

many faces of the dark and the light


and dark you do fn rock XZanthia much respect to your humbleness

The Gather of the souls ,she has mine powerful charming down to earth out of this world Artist of all she touchs one of a kind once in a moon,

"I see triangles linking all stars ".CEP host artist =thanks XZanthia peace to you and the dark and the light.